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Pelan Strategik Jabatan

The DTCP Strategic Plan 2012-2020 extends and improves on the Department's Strategic Plan (RSJ 920) 2006-2015. This Strategic Plan provides a clear direction for DTCP to realize its vision of becoming the leader in town and country planning towards creating quality, flourishing and sustainable living environments by 2020.

The document, drafted over a period of eight years, set a shift in DTCP's role in enhancing the service delivery system in line with the government's transformation policies. This service requires more creative and innovative ways to improve and refine the delivery system to meet the aspirations and expectations of stakeholders and ever-increasing customers’ needs. Hence, roles and responsibilities need to be translated into a form of strategic planning and competitive exercise, and be able to meet the needs of the target group.

A system of planning and sound management requires a new synergy to address the issues, challenges and opportunities, and to exploit prevailing potential in achieving the vision of DTCP. This situation also demands DTCP’s commitment to strengthening its abilities in line with rapid modernization and transformation of services to ensure value for money.

To ensure the realization of the vision and mission of DTCP, six Strategic Thrusts and 21 Strategies by Key Result Areas (KRA) will be given emphasis in the Department's Strategic Plan:

Strategic Thrust 1: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Landuse Development Planning and Management Towards Community WellBeing
KRA 1: Landuse Development Planning and Management Towards Community Wellbeing

i. To prepare development plans and monitor their implementation;
ii. To provide policy development and land use management; and,
iii. To improve planning with the public in the preparation and implementation of development plans.

Strategic Thrust 2: Strenthening Research and Development to Promote Best Planning Practices Towards World-Class Products.
KRA 2: Research and development towards world-class products

i. To provide planning guidelines / research / exploration approach and new techniques / new user;
ii. To improve the quality of the Planning Guidelines and application; and,
iii. To implement MURNInets (Malaysian Urban Rural National Indicators on Sustainable Development)

Strategic Thrust 3: Improving Compliance to Development Planning Towards Quality and Sustainable Living Environment
KRA 3: Compliance with the development plan

i. Empowerment of Act 172;
ii. To strengthen compliance with Act 172 to facilitate development;
iii. To ensure coordination between state and regional territories;
iv. To strengthen the role of the State

Strategic Thrust 4: Empowering National Landuse Data Management Towards Effective and Systematic Land Use Planning.
KRA 4: Strengthening the National Land Use Information Centre

i. To strengthen the land-use database; and,
ii. To strengthen the role of the National Land Use Information Centre.

Strategic Thrust 5: Augmenting Strategic Collaborations Towards Strengthening the Role and Function Of FDTCP
KRA 5: Strategic Collaboration

i. To strengthen networking with stakeholders and customers;
ii. To enhance the department's involvement at the international level; and,
iii. To further promote the role of Town and Country Planning.

Strategic Thrust 6: Strengthening The Development of Organizational Capacity to Boost the Efficiency and Effectiveness Of FDTCP
KRA 6: Organizational Capacity Development

i. To strengthen the management of human resources;
ii. To strengthen development competencies;
iii. To strengthen ICT development;
iv. To strengthen the Organization;
v. To ensure integrity among officers; and,
vi. To streamline prudent financial management.

Efficient public service delivery is needed to ensure the effectiveness of the national implementation of development policies and strategies. It is also to meet the expectations of the communities. Thus, the Strategic Plan outlined a number of strategic thrusts and strategies and action plans to be implemented. Focus will also be on improving the mechanisms of implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation so that programmes can be implemented within the prescribed period and progress measured on performance indicators. This Strategic Plan will also serve as a framework for management to monitor the direction of the organization and improve its internal capabilities to achieve the vision and mission set.

Every member of the FDTCP appreciates and practises the thrust values of the public service as stated below:
1. TRUSTWORTHY: Every task should be completed responsibly and sincerely.
2. TRUTHFUL: Every practice, action and conduct should be in accordance with the truth, law and rules.
3. INTELLIGENT: Every task and responsibility should be carried out intelligently based on knowledge, skill and a high level of professionalism
4. TRANSPARENT: Every action and decision should be made in a transparent process and the information made available to the rightful parties as long it does not contradict the law and rules.
5. FAIR: Making just and equal consideration in every action and decision based on law, rules, and priorities, along with absolute and accurate facts.
6. GRATEFUL: Always show gratitude and appreciation of success, achievement and awards earned.

As part of the working culture in the department, the workforce of DTCP appreciates and practises the common values known as 10K, which covers the following:
1. Piety: Obedient towards Divine order and work as part of religious practise;
2. Commitment: Carrying out duties with full commitment towards achieving the objectives and vision of the Department;
3. Beauty: Appreciating spiritual and physical beauty in planning;
4. Consistency: Performing tasks consistently for the efficiency and credibility of the Department;
5. Polite: Practicing respect, tolerance and reconciliation in creating a friendly organization among the employees and customers;
6. Friendly: Create warm, friendly and family-like atmosphere among all employees;
7. Trustworthy: Honest in completing all tasks assigned;
8. Excellence: Strive to make the department a Centre of Excellence in town and country planning services;
9. Creative and Innovative: Able to propose creative and innovative ideas; and,
10. Urgency: Always alert, responsive and fast in finding solution.

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