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In Section 6A (Part IIA) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172), requires the setting up of a Regional Planning Committee (RPC) for a region in an area consisting of two or more States. One of the main task and functions of this Committee is to prepare a comprehensive Regional Plan to guide and manage the development of a region as stated in Sub-Section 6A(5b), Act 172

In general, a region is defined as an area covering two or more administrative boundaries, whilst the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172), defines a region as an area comprising of two or more states. The regions outlined in the 9 th Malaysia Plan are the National Economic Regional Corridor covering an area of more than 2 states, namely; the Northern Corridor Economic Region, Central Region, Eastern Corridor Economic Region and Southern Johor Economic Region (Iskandar Development Region).

The National Physical Plan (NPP) has identified four (4) Conurbations or City Regions that shall be planned and developed as integrated regions, namely; Klang Valley Conurbation, George Town Conurbation, Kuantan Conurbation and the Johor Bahru Conurbation (Iskandar Development Region).

A Regional Plan is a document containing spatial development strategies for a more balanced and fair distribution of growth and dispersal of development as well as to achieve an integrated and efficient infrastructural framework. A Regional Plan is also looked upon as a tool for managing the growth and development of city regions or conurbations.
There are two levels of Regional Planning, which are; a Regional Plan for the National Economic Corridor Region and a Regional Plan for a Conurbation/City Region. The main focus in a National Economic Corridor Region is to enhance economic development opportunities for states experiencing slow development growth and to raise the living standards and quality of life of the rural population. The Regional Plan for a Conurbations/City Region focuses mainly on coordination of urban services provision and the accomplishment of uniform guidelines and standards for effective and efficient urban environment.

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